Samsung Digital Homepage Campaigns

As a copywriter at Rosetta, I worked exclusively on the Samsung account. If you visited the Samsung homepage between 2013-2015, you've read a lot of my words. Hopefully I convinced you to buy a TV.

During my time at Rosetta, I brainstormed and executed campaigns, concepted and wrote video and sizzle scripts, wrote headlines for, and did other fun stuff like wrote for different platforms including retail environments within Best Buy and AT&T stores, app UX, and emails.

Here are a few favorite projects from my Samsung digital work.

Samsung Superbowl 2015

As the lead copywriter for Samsung's 2014's Superbowl campaign, I brainstormed, pitched and wrote the Superbowl idea and copy.

Samsung Mother's Day 2015

For their 2015 Mother's Day effort, Samsung wanted a way to creatively communicate emotion while exceeding last year's sales. My team brainstormed and executed this interactive gift guide which mapped products to passions.

Summer Must Haves 2014 Homepage Takeover

Samsung wanted a homepage takeover that featured a certain set of products. It was our duty to fit them into a cohesive design and story. These CTAs link to a full landing page that provides use cases that make the products fit for a summer adventure.