OkCupid Projects

Between 2015 and 2018, I was the copywriter and senior copywriter at OkCupid. As OkCupid’s first-ever copywriter and third member of the marketing team, my role spanned from campaigns to CRM to social. Here are some written details followed by some select projects.

  • Creative lead for OkCupid social media: Create, manage and edit all content across OkCupid's high-traffic Facebook (70K followers), Twitter (51K followers) and Instagram (12k) to lead conversation on dating and drive engagement toward signups. With a tight budget and small team and no extreme growth tools (i.e. bots), I helped grow our Instagram account from 0-13,000 followers through great content, sweepstakes and person-to-person engagement.

  • Managing editor for OkCupid's blog: Edit and write compelling, press-worthy stories for OkCupid's blog (theblog.okcupid.com), garnering 127,400 impressions and 92,768 reads for my posts alone as of spring 2017; onboard and edit work of freelance writers.

  • Branded copy lead: Established brand guidelines and unified voice across digital platforms as OkCupid’s first-ever copywriter.

  • Cross-platform writer: Collaborate across platforms including development, design and product to write copy for video scripts, articles, banner ads, emails, .com and UX copy to maintain one cohesive voice across all platforms.

  • Partnership creative: Work with external partners and production teams to execute large-scale targeted digital marketing campaigns, such as our 2017 Pitchfork partnership

  • Role in DTF campaign: Have you seen OkCupid's amazing DTF ads? Wieden+Kennedy created and execute the campaign; and as senior copywriter at OkCupid, I played a role in third party event execution and social strategy.

  • Master of ceremonies: Lead the roast of the CEO of Tinder. This isn't really an accolade, more of a comedic career highlight

OkCupid Bans A Nazi


In response to one of the Charlottesville March leaders gaining attention online, we banned him from OkCupid.It was the single largest press moment in OkCupid's history. All it took was one powerful tweet.

Role: instigator, tweeter

55 stories by press as a result, including mentions on Jimmy Fallon and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt

Tweet got 125k likes and 27k retweets, including by Minnie Driver

Here's a Google search with some top stories.

Single On Sunday

In an effort to reach more women in 2017, OkCupid launched Single On Sunday.

Our aim was to both empower women in their singlehood while also generating excitement about the brand and how it lets you be specific about what you want — all with a substantially low budget.

Working across a large creative group that included social media influencers, data science, design, and a video production house, my original pitch #SingleOnSunday was the first of it's kind for OkCupid — both as a cross-channel campaign and a female-focused message. It was also the first campaign to get us in lifestyle publications, which helped the perception of OkCupid as a dating app into a dating & lifestyle app.

My role: original concept, video writer, copywriter, blog content creator, social media planning

Campaign elements:  Youtube video // Karley Sciortino blog post (sponsored) // Launch blog post // Liberal Women blog post // Women Rejecting Traditional Standards post // targeted emails // Instagram sweepstakes // social sharing // boosted social ads

Press pickupElle UKRefinery29MashableHello Giggles 


DTF Campaign

I had the privilege to work on OkCupid’s DTF campaign, which was created and executed by Weiden + Kennedy.

As senior copywriter on the brand side (i.e. at OkCupid), these were my roles:

  1. Take the DTF campaign, and infusing the DTF voice into our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media accounts. I worked with a brand manager and designer to create a calendar of content that filled criteria for our target audience.

  2. Work with third parties on bringing DTF to life within their partnerships. I created DTF-inspired content for dance parties, yoga sessions, brewery events and more that linked the DTF campaign to their business.

OkCupid x Election 2016


Ever wonder how Republicans and Democrats advertise themselves romantically?

We found out that 50% of OkCupid users prefer to date someone with their same political views—so we decided to look at how both parties present themselves in their dating profiles.

Working cross-platform with development, data science, and art, we first found the words most likely associated with liberals and conservatives. From there, we cross-referenced these words against popular OkCupid Match questions, such as "Are you looking for love or sex?" "Are orgasms the most important part of sex?" and "Would you rather be tied up or do the tying?" My role involved concepting & copywriting.

Some findings: If you're a conservative, having the words steak or grilling on your profile indicate an interest in sex (as opposed to love). For liberals, booze suggests you're interested in sex, while avocado points to love.

On the right, firefighters say they're not open with their feelings, while police officers say they are. On the left, any mention of career at all means they're likely to be open with their feelings.

For liberals who like pain during sex, mentioning Quentin Tarantino and Pulp Fiction are clear indicators. For conservatives wanting pain, we see Walking DeadTombstone and Disney.

Press pickup: Bloomberg // Hyperallergic // Washington Post // NY Magazine // Cosmopolitan 

Supporting tweets


The Hangover: A 2015 Dating Report

Years-in-review reports are almost expected of every brand that creates content. 

Because OkCupid is the leader in data-driven dating, we put our efforts into seeing the most interesting trends among daters in 2016. Like where the most virgins live.

Leading the copywriting and content front, I worked with art, data science and development to create a responsive, interactive experience that walked people through the top trends in sex, communication, race, religion, politics and pop culture.

Press pickupMTV // Cosmopolitan // People

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