Samsung x AEG



In 2014, Samsung partnered with AEG, an entertainment group that owns about 50 venues around the country, including Barclay's Center and Staples Center.

As a surprise and delight campaign, Samsung owners tapped their phones to NFC-enabled posters within these arenas, which launched an app that gave them rewards just for owning Samsung phones. Owners got everything from seat upgrades (woo!) to free beer (yum!).

As the unofficial 'voice of AEG,' I developed the messaging for just about every platform, from the entire app UX experience, to signage, to the landing page, to direct emails.

Over 9M media impressions were made, and over 38,000 unique taps were recorded, resulting in 34,000 claimed rewards.

Samsung + AEG Landing Page

Samsung + AEG Thank You Email